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    Long wheelbase FS 29ers (1250mm+ M/L)

    What FS 29ers (non-DH bike) are out there with at least a 1250mm wheelbase (size Med/L), besides what's available from Pole and Geometron/Nikolai?

    Just came upon an indiegogo for the "Sick Bicycles Co. Gnarpoon", and made me wonder if there's any other options I'm not aware of.

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    Cotic Rocket MAX and Starling Murmur might be two possibilities.

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    My Xmedium Guerilla Gravity is 1240+, 490mm reach, Lyric 160mm/42mm offset, change the fork to a 51mm offset and or add an angleset and you’re there.
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    NS bikes, other then that dunno.

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    bird am9

    150/150 29er with 1265mm in size L

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    Since I haven't found any options that looked appealing to me, I decided to go custom steel FS, since I'm tired of upsizing to get a long enough FC to balance out the RC (I'm 5'7"/170.5cm with 30"/76cm inseam).

    Built around these specs to determine handling attitude:
    RC 445
    FC 845
    WB 1290
    HA 62
    Fork length 567
    BB Drop 20
    160 F/R travel
    29er F, 27.5 R w/2.5 tires

    Basically the rest tuned to fit me in it:
    720 saddle height
    590 ETT
    410 seat tube length

    Resulted in a 477mm reach and 637mm stack w/120mm HT. Not sure of the seat tube angle, but it's 112mm behind the BB, so it calculates to 81d. Could've gotten it slacker with a longer head tube, but grips are already about level with the saddle, and there's offset droppers available. 1deg of STA is equivalent to about 12mm of saddle fore/aft distance. BBH is 335mm, since I'm planning on running a fairly linear shock set with 20-25% sag, with 165mm cranks and a bash guard. May run a 170 fork up front (dual crown capable).

    Purposely ditching the stretched out aero body fit, opting for a more upright one, that's closer to the standing pedaling position. Aiming to get a lot of rider mass centered between the wheels, and make the front end have a lightness that is just right. The center point between the two axles is about at the front foot and shoulder.

    Kinda shaped like a Starling Murmur but with Nicolai G1 geo in S/M.

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