Kenya Cycling

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  • 02-09-2006
    Kenya Cycling
    Hi Guys,
    I just wanted to chime in with a rider report from Kenya. There is so much potential here, it is frustrating watching these guys who are limited mainly because they have so little.
    I recently made acquaintance with a cyclist here by the name of David Kinjah. It started out, the guy bent over backwards trying to help me locate some spokes (almost impossible to find here) to fix up the rear wheel on my Leviathan (29er content), an incredibly nice fellow. It turns out, he’s also an incredibly gifted cyclist. I thought you would enjoy reading just a couple stories involving Kinjah that have been in the international press over the years…

    At this moment, David is on his way to Egypt for “The Tour of Egypt.” The equipment he is on would make you cry (the same for about every other Kenyan cylist I know.) Hopefully, I will get to race with him in a couple weeks at the 10-4 mountain bike race at nearby Mt. Kenya. As a top 10 finisher in the Cape Epic, he far outclasses me. Still, I feel for guys like him who have yet to get a real shot, doing what they do purely for the love of cycling.
    BTW, I am taking a couple amateur photographers up to the 10-4 with me, and hope to have a full write-up on the event in a few weeks. Happy Trails,
  • 02-09-2006
    Those guys are awesome. Makes the whole 'Which custom frame should I get?' question seem so petty and irrelevant.

    I read some of those stories you linked and it's cool to see that people have been helping those riders out.

    We get Kenyans in town for a big road race every year (Falmouth Road Race). HUGE race with big prize money. These guys are pro runners. One was interviewd on the radio and he said that Kenyans can break into pro running because there is no gear involved, unlike other sports (like biking).

    Shiggy should get that dude over here on a bike for the Cream Puff. Or anyone else in the bike business who promotes races.