A post as a bit of a thank you to many on this forum for posting / sharing their knowledge, especially @meschenbruch, @Guy.Rod, @TigWorld and @thesmokingman

Jobs done - 2013 Kona Hei Hei Supreme Team edition-20181001_212508.jpg

I bought this bike in pieces a month or so ago, but could see that underneath the recent issues it was solid. A service, a new rear axle, a new (temporary until I find a deal) rear shock and a fork rebuild later and it's running! Cannot wait to ride it in anger and get it set up for me properly. The swapped over bars and stem need to go and a dropper needs to be swapped out from another bike.

This bike replaces my 2009 Spesh Stumpjumper 29er, which I bought last year to try 29ers and to try a couple of marathon xc races on. I loved it, so decided now was a good time to upgrade.