• 02-10-2010
    Independent Fabrication Ti Deluxe? + On-One Scandal 2010 + ZTR Crest?
    Hi all,

    Can someone help me with three short questions?

    1 - Do you recomend the Independent Fabrication Ti Deluxe 29er ? I can get a good deal with my LBS on a road bike/MTB bike swap if I go with the IF Ti Deluxe on this deal. (Yes, we can now buy IF bikes in Portugal!)

    2 - I have a On-One Scandal 29er, black anodized, bought in 2008. I'm changing bike sizes, so I ordered the 2010 version, in British Racing Green. But I read somewhere that the 2008 model, although similar, is not in fact the same frame -- the 2008 would be scandium/aluminium, and the 2010 "regular" aluminium. Also, the anodized finish of the 2008 would be much better. Can someone please tell me if this is true or not?

    3 - Would you recomend the new ZTR Crest 29er wheels for an MTB nine-day, 1150 kms, stage race, not very technical but not exactly rolling terrain either? The tire choices would be Racing Ralphs 2.25 (F and R) with sidewall protection or Specialized Fast Trak LKs 2.0 (F and R also). I used the Fast Traks for the same race last year and they were great, but I'm inclined to try the RRs.

    Great forum, I read it almost daily.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Nuno H Luz

    Lisbon, Portugal
  • 02-10-2010
    Hi nhluz

    1 - can't help with this one (sorry!)

    2 - I've also got a 2008/9 Scandal 29er - AFAIK they are standard aluminium just like the 2010 ones, but I'm having trouble finding the thread where I saw this information last time! An email to On-One ([email protected]) should set you right on this. 2010 ones are definitely aluminium, btw, as were 2009 ones. I've also got an On-One Inbred 29er, my Scandal's not seen much use since I got this - IMHO, despite the weight penalty, the Inbred is much more comfortable and controlled

    3 - I'm not keen on the RR's, but I think I'm in the minority on this - I found they washed out on corners without any warning. I'll be fitting up some Specialized The Captains once summer arrives, but I've also heard really positive reviews about the Kenda Small Block 8s

    Hope that's of some help

  • 02-10-2010
    Hello Ben,

    I am riding now with an IF ti deluxe for almost 1,5 years. It is my first 29er but i rode a lot of 26"bikes before. The IF is one of the best bikes i ever had. I loved the bike from day one. This could be because i love the 29er concept so much. The frame performs very well and it looks very clean. Plus you can get it the way you want in geometry and finish.

    You can not go wrong with the frame. To be honest i think that there are a lot of good frame builders in the market for ti (moots, Lynskey, Kent Eriksen). And remember, the higher price does not mean that the ride is any better than a cheaper bike. You pay for something exclusive, A design for life. A piece of art.

    If you can have a good deal, the cash and you like the frame for 100% why not?

    Hope this will help you a little.
  • 02-10-2010
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    IF DELUXE 29er
    Awesome bike, but is it really worth all that $$$ ?
  • 02-10-2010

    Originally Posted by Francine
    Awesome bike, but is it really worth all that $$$ ?

    Yes! Every penny. I've had 4 I.F.'s over the years. I'm currently working on my 5th. I'm building a Ti with SRAM XX. A bike built for me is much better than a bike built for everyone. GO Independent Fabrication, your expectations will be blown away. Check out www.ifrider.com and email with some owners. Ask them how they like their bike and if there is anything they would change if they had to do it all over again.
  • 02-10-2010
    '08 Scandal = Scandium
    Yes the original Scandal's were made of Scandium main tubes. The new ones are just plain old aluminum. Sad On-One did this. Sadder even that they down-played the change when the started making the aluminum only ones.

    A quick Google search gives plenty of links to the original one. Here is a quote :
    The tubes in the main triangle are made from a scandium-aluminium alloy, hence ScandAl. Scandium is an ideal alloying element for aluminium, improving its strength and weldability so that you don't need to use as much of it, thereby reducing weight. It's also reputed to give aluminium a steel-like springiness.

    It is the second paragraph on this page ... http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/catego...-29er-08-25449
  • 02-11-2010
    Thanks very much for your replies. I'm really tempted to go with the IF.

    Guess I won't be selling my 2008 Scandal frame though.

  • 02-11-2010
    I bought my IF 29er a couple of months ago. Frame is expensive but rides awesome. I have no regrets and even ordered an IF road bike!

    Thanks Bethel Cycle for helping me build this awesome bike.
  • 02-11-2010
    The Scandal is that there's no Scandium :)
  • 07-09-2014
    IF rules, necrobump.