I rode the Superfly 100

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  • 09-06-2009
    I rode the Superfly 100
    Trek demo came to San Diego yesterday. Rode the medium SF100 twice for about 2 hours total seat time. There were probably a hundred people there throughout the day so time was very limited with the bikes. I basically had to piss some people off to snake a second ride on the SF100. Pushy bastard that I am :rolleyes:

    They told me a medium weighs 23lbs. Maybe, seemed like a little more. Of course it had the mandatory 40mm stack of spacers under the stem making it feel goofy. I suppose I should have done everyone a favor and removed them.

    It's very good and I suppose I would be happy with it even considering the price. Turns fast and precise just like it should. Fork and shock are excellent. I'm 200 lbs and the bike pedaled great with or without using pro-pedal/lockout. No unwanted flex detected while standing and cranking like a mofo. I am truly an idiot because I didn't remember to check tire clearance. Pretty dang stupid of me considering the stock XR1 tires are of little use in SoCal dirt and rocks. XDX's would have been a better choice. I'm not a pro reviewer like Fo but I think this is a great off the shelf race rig.

    They had some Rumblefish in the trailer but wouldn't let me fondle or ride one. Not allowed until after some media event or something. No HiFi's to be seen. I rode all the Treks. Not into 26" wheels at all any more but the carbon fiber Fuel EX and Remedy are both pretty and impressive for those not spoiled by big wheels.