Right now I'm riding a Soma Juice, its the 16" with a 576mm top tube and the top tube is too short. I picked up a 17" monocog and love the top tube length of 603mm. Right now I'm riding my juice with a longer stem as a band aid, but really prefer a 90mm stem. The other problem is my 400mm seatpost is at the Max line. I would probably just get a 18" juice except I hate the dropouts for running gears. Since I have a SS specific bike I would like to get a geared specific frame so I don't have to worry about the wheel slipping. I'm also not really interested in sliders because I fear they would not stand up the abuse I put a frame through.

The frame would ideally be steel although a good aluminum frame would suffice with around a 600mm top tube, 71* head angle 73* seat tube, and around 450mm chainstays. Of course geared specific.

I know I could go custom, but I just can't swing it since my wife and I had our son and dropped to one income.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. I of course have looked at Niner and would love an air9 or a MCR9, but are out of my price range at least for now. I'm considering the EMD9 but am just not sure about how harsh the ride would be since I've been riding steel frames for the last 12 years.

Max budget would be 800 but I would love to stay around 500 mainly because I have yet to have a frame that has lasted me much more than a season.