I commute Daily on my apocolyptical Surly 29 Ogre and love it 400+km p/week in Chna- Mtbr.com
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    I commute Daily on my apocolyptical Surly 29 Ogre and love it 400+km p/week in Chna

    An American expat living in China for more than 15 years. 400+km per week commuting with an action camera on the streets of the 3rd largest city in China. Deep thoughts, casual observation, and meaningless monologue with momentum from a 40 year father of 4, I teach, homeschool, and do that daily commute. On a nice steel post-apocalyptical steel bike. Come join me.

    Strava : https://www.strava.com/athletes/445792
    Garmin : https://connect.garmin.com/modern/profile/reaton

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    A few days ago I searched on YouTube for new videos tagged with "Surly Ogre" and your video commute/bike review. Which then led me to the video you posted above. I was going to message you through YouTube, but then I found this post here.

    To anyone reading this, you should watch a video or two from this gentleman. He has led a more interesting life than most of us, and even if you don't have time to watch/listen during his entire commute, give him a few minutes. You'll likely end up giving him a bit more time than you originally anticipated. You'll probably also wince when you see the way bikes and motorized traffic coexist in his part of China.

    Thanks for your videos, @AntiNSA. I'll watch as I can. Glad to hear you can get WFMU and Democracy Now over there. Along with the Ogre, all are favorites of mine as well.

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    Hey thanks for your kind words!

    I try to be careful what to talk about and not talk about : ) Fine line sometimes : ) I am so happy to find wfmu's free music site... after listening to them many years I am so happy they created a database... especially after finding out youtube cut everything from everyone if a commercial song was playing.... no loss Great variety.... And Amy Goodman has been like a pillar of light through all my life since she began..... Ogre is indeed a great friend, like I imagine a horse would have been to many so long ago.. Stay safe out there and come ride with me sometime more : )

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