I have a 2012 HT and recently replaced the DU bushing on my RP2 with Fox's new 5 piece hardware kit. During the disassembly two aluminum washers/spacers (apprx 3mm thick) fell from the mount on the lower eyelet. I don't think these were part of the original DU/reducer setup, but I can't figure out for certain where they go. It looks like they are needed to reassemble either between frame and swingarm or inside of swingarm between it and the outer black polymer ring on Fox's new kit. I've tried both options and it seems the former causes the swingarm to flex as it tighten on lower eyelet. I called Salsa who were of little help. They offered one CAD drawing which wasn't complete and then bucked at the notion of further assisting as someone in tech? told my customer service rep that Fox's new hardware wasn't OE spec and I would be voiding my warranty by using, so I should call Fox. If someone could take a close up of the lower eyelet mount on a '12 Horsethief, I would greatly appreciate it.