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    Hightower...stick with OG or move on

    Can someone help me out here. I have a '17 hightower 29er. It's got a small crack on the top tube but I have been riding it since last winter and no issues. It is very shallow but still structural since you can see some carbon. It is about 2 inches long on the top tube about 1/3 the way down. I have just recently long shock modded it with a DPX2 and offset bushings but I dont like the BB height and thats with a 150mm fork. I got a good deal on the 57 stroke shock off someones LT and figured what the heck. Also I have a '18 160 Fox factory 36 that I got from a UBI Fox tech class but havent thrown it on yet. Need help deciding the following... Should I:

    A. Get the crack carbon repaired and keep the frame and reduce the travel in the shock back to 135 in the rear.
    B. Get the crack repaired and sell the frame (will take forever and will lose big) and get a New LT or ...Following then put the new fork on.
    C. Pay for crash replacement then sell the frame.
    D. Get repaired and keep long shock modding and ignore the tall BB and minor tire buzz at harsh bottom out even with small volume tires like a 2.3 Aggressor.
    E. Other ideas??

    My other bike is a Slayer so I dont need an enduro race bike...thing is with the 150 rear on the new LT I see no downsides to the extra travel as my modded HT pedals just as well with 150 as it did with 135. The Following would be interesting because I love the way Evil suspension feels compared to Vpp. Although Vpp does pedal very well. Any help would be great.

    Oh and anyone have luck getting their Hightower warrantied with an LT? Doubt it is possible but just figured I would ask. I dont see what the big deal would be since basically it is the same front triangle just different rear triangle. BUT it is technically a different model which stinks...

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    I would see if they would give you a deal on a crash replacement frame. See if they're cool with giving you the Hightower LT like you want.

    There was this guy who came into the shop I work at and got a brand new complete 2017 Specialized Camber at crash replacement pricing because the shock blew on his 2009 GT Force 3.0.

    While Santa Cruz is an entirely different company and I can't predict what they will tell you, the lesson is that you don't know until you ask. Some companies are willing to go to great lengths to please you.

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    True I will give that a shot. I am sure there is a little flexibility built into the system. I wouldnt mind paying crash replacement pricing if it meant being able to get an LT. Thanks!

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    E. - If its a manufacturer's defect, they should just give you a new triangle. Then continue to ride. If not,

    F - go for a crash replacement. They shouldn't mind swapping with an LT. Just don't tell them that you've long shocked it.

    Personally, I'm a fan of SC's warranty specifically so I don't have to get carbon repaired.

    Also, i'm sure you can tell better (especially without us seeing a pic), but it doesn't mean its cracked just because you can see carbon.

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