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    We the people ... H T over F S? Never...

    Okay, so I admit, I am not much of a HT guy. Or at least I wasn't. I enjoy the plushness of FS. I've heard all about 29er HTs and tire choices making for a compliant ride. Sure, I thought, 29ers make everything better.

    Anyways, I was in the shop the other day checking out some bikes. And there on the rack was the 2010 Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper 29er on closeout. Aaaaauuuwww... Very nice looking bike. I might just have to demo it. I did. It was. Oh boy. Sweeeet. My biggest concern about HTs was the rear tire hitting an obstacle and, because there is no suspension, the saddle smashing parts that are not meant to be smashed, smushed, smooshed, whatever, you get the point...

    That didn't happen. I'm sure it could. I'm sure riding style and finesse are learned and improve the more you ride HT.

    Now, I will admit, I will never have an HT 29er as my only bike. But, I am considering one as part of the stable now. So, I have narrowed my decisions for FS. Now to narrow my decisions for HT. Here is what I'm thinking so far. Any input is welcome. I like light weight. I know there are Ti options, as well (Lynskey Pro Lefty 29er, Moots YBB, Black Sheep, Eriksen, the list goes on, etc.). I think I'll stick to carbon on this one. My next HT 29er will probably be Ti.

    Durability is one concern with these light bikes, but Ti will wait...

    Currently, the contestants are:

    2010 or 2011 Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper 29er

    2011 Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er 1+

    2011 Scott Scale 949 29er

    Any initial thoughts? Components will be similar, no matter which frame I choose. They all are around or under 20#. Are there any factors that would cause you to choose one over another? TIA!

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    If you race, the Flash Carbon 29er 1 is hard to beat. Its trail compliance will be better than the other frames and the Lefty is awesome. It's also the lightest out of the box.

    These are all high-end hardtails that you listed. If you're more of just a trail rider, consider your budget and look to a Santa Cruz Tallboy, Pivot 429, or some of the new full-suspension bikes coming out from Giant, Salsa, and others.

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    I just placed my order for the Flash Carbon 29er 2. The weight difference between the 1 and 2 is said to be .6 of a pound (21.3 lbs. vs. 21.9 lbs). Worth the extra $2K price tag, hell no! Well maybe worth it if you have and will win your races.

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    All three are top notch! I don't think you can go wrong with any of the three. Ti is timeless though. If you're looking for the here and now, CF is probably what you want, but titanium has a class all other modern materials cannot even mimmic in my opinion. Depends the intended purpose, I will lust after any you choose

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    Personally, CDale. Lefty trumps all! If you've never ridden one, DO IT

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    What About Lefty Stumpjumper or Lefty Scale?

    Quote Originally Posted by DFYFZX
    Personally, CDale. Lefty trumps all! If you've never ridden one, DO IT
    I am a Lefty believer. I like the lines of the Stumpjumper. Combine the two..
    (With some different components: i.e. change the seatpost and saddle...IMO...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninko
    I've got mine finished last month, I build it this winter. It's weighing 17,5 lbs now (or 7,96 kg).

    Frame: Specialized S-works Carbon 29-19"- 1240gr
    Fork: Cannondale Lefty Speed Carbon SL w/DLR Opi - 1168gr
    Steerertube: Mattias Carbon custom Tapered - 106gr
    Seat/post: Custom one-piece - 200 gr
    Wheellset: Tune Cannonball / Tune Kong, DT Revo, ZTR 355’s 405 gr
    QR rear: KCNC gold 26gr
    Tires: Schwalbe Furious Fred 2.0 335 gr
    Handlebar: Salsa Pro Moto Flatbar Carbon 660 x 11 degrees 150gr
    Stem: Rotor SX 120mm 116 gr
    Brakes: Hope Race 2010, titanium IS Bolts, AL postmount bolts 440gr
    Disk: Hope Race 2010, 160mm, 3x AL bolts, 3x Tibolts, 2x 79 gr
    Crankset: Extralite E-bones W-OsBB for Specialized, 175mm 482 gr
    Outerchainring: FRM Pro Chainring for 2x9 40T 46 gr
    Innerchainring: 28T Mattias 26 gr
    Chainringbolts: Face 8x gold.
    Pedals: Look Quarts white
    R-der: SRAM X.O., gold bolts, Face gold pulleys.
    F-der: Shimano Dura Ace 7900 Speen’d
    Shifters: SRAM X.O. Twist Shifters Gold Edition 180gr/st
    Cassette: Shimano XTR 12-34
    Chain: KMC X10SL Gold
    Klemband: MCFK Carbon – 6gr
    Seatpostclamp: Specialized Original Ti boutje 14gr
    Cables: Alligator I-Link, Dupont Powercordz White 1.2mm 4,3gr/st
    Handvaten: ESI Grips Racers Edge 20gr

    I'm building a new wheelset with Notubes Race rims 29" this should save 180 grams.
    I can win some weight on the handlebar with going for a Schmolcke in almost the same size ( I don't want a 56 cm handlebar , but prefer some 660mm) Which saves another 40 grams. Now wait for those *ssholes at Sram to make some XX twisties!!

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