Glad I'm a convert-
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    Glad I'm a convert

    To 29", that is.

    Yesterday, I did the first test ride on the 2012 Trek Rumblefish that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Coming from an ancient Marin Mount Vision 26" that was too small for me, a larger bike with these bigass wheels was quite a change. I definitely notice the "rollability" of the wheels over stuff on the ground, and the ground itself.

    I am also a convert to tubeless. I'm sure there will be a learning curve on tubeless, for me, when it comes time to put new tires on it (soon). I don't see myself running them at really low pressure, because I hate that squishy, wandering feel in the handling, but I do like the increased grip and the increased suspension dampening (as with cars, the tires really are the first part of the suspension). I am compromising and running 25 psi, which makes it feel much less squishy, yet still gives me some of the advantages of low pressure.

    At 53, this is likely the last mountain bike I will ever buy. I converted to FS with the Marin, never looked back on that, and will never buy a hardtail again, if I ever was to buy another bike. I love how much more comfortable they are to ride, I love the extra traction I get because the back wheel stays connected to the ground much better, and I love working on and tinkering with my bike, so the maintenance issue is actually a plus for me.

    With a 1x10, and a 30T up front, this thing is a freaking mountain goat. It climbs like a bat out of hell. If I need a lower gear, I'm hopping off the bike anyway.

    My Marin handled like a Miata, and I was afraid the Rumblefish would handle more like a 4WD F250. It doesn't. It handles really well, and is agile and flickable like the Marin was (to a lesser degree, though).

    This thing is a keeper. I have the weight down to 30 lb, which is not bad at all for a 29" FS bike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outrider66 View Post

    At 53, this is likely the last mountain bike I will ever buy.
    Ha!Ha! If I had a dollar for every time I've said that, I'd have... another new mountain bike. I'm 63, BTW.

    Enjoy the Rumblefish.
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    This will not be your last mountain bike.

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    Why would you want it to be your last bike? They are all pretty great, keep trying out new and different ones!

    Glad you enjoy the big wheels!

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    Cool seeing someone make that big leap across changes in bikes all at once--and love it. Enjoy your latest new bike, not going to be your last.

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    Good to hear you are enjoying the ride of 29 wheels. As for the last mountain bike you buy, I got my new 29" bike last October and it probably won't be the "last bike" I buy and I'm 67.

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    Hahahaha Yeah, I had the epiphany back in 2007, got my first 29er, never touched a 26er again, had to buy a replacement commuter because even though I was only commuting, the tiny 26" wheel just looked so damn weird.

    As to your last bike Call me a bit skeptical, but I have a feeling you'll be eating those words shortly if the bug catches. I'll be 50 shortly and I definitely don't think I've bought my last, new bike, despite having several nice ones - still want my dream, Ti 29+ rigid

    As to the actual bike, those Rumblefish were excellent bikes, really nice XC/Trail. If yours is that old and you're a tinkerer, then I highly suggest that you consider stripping it down and doing a complete bearings check and re-torque all bolts to spec, especially keep an eye on the ABP nut in the rear.
    If it still has Bonti rims and tyres, get ready for some cussing when you go to change tyres, start reading up and watching on how to deal with tubeless setups. While I love the Bonti system, al their rims I have encountered are a PITA to get tyres on/off if it's Bonti tyres and worse with some other brands.
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