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    Geared s.i.r.9

    Finally got my new Niner built and ready for action, but it's a little too sloppy here for a shakedown cruise on a new bike. Hopefully the temp will drop and firm the ground soon I'm excited to ride this bike and patience is not one of my strong suits. This is my first 29er and I'm looking forward to it (rode a friends 292 around the lot last year, doesn't count as a ride). I'll be comparing the Niner throughout the coming year to my 853 steel Jamis Dragon that has essentially the same build, as well as to my Superlight. Our local mtb club has monthly dirt time trials that I like to do repeat rides (HT vs FS vs SS) and compare the times. Not super scientific I realize, but good fun nonetheless. Definitely looking forward to throwing the 29er in the mix. Oh, and I'll be sure to report my "findings".

    Ok, back to the Niner. I plan to convert to SS later this summer which is one of the reasons I chose the s.i.r. After completing the geared build, this might happen sooner rather than later. I'm not crazy about routing shifter cables along the downtube, but can tolerate it on most frames. However, on the EBB frame, the lower cable guides are quite a ways from the downtube, resulting in a very exposed cable, especially for the rear derailleur. It may be functional enough, but it seems even more likely to catch grasses, etc. in the lower guide (one of my peeves to downtube routing on mtb). Even if it turns out ok, I can see it will be something that annoys me, probably to the point of making this a permanent SS bike, an expected progression anyway, but if the SS aggravates a bum knee, I figured I'd go back to geared, not so sure now.

    Other than the cable routing, I'm stoked about the bike and Niner in general. Kudos to Chris and Steve for "getting it".

    s.i.r. 9 Medium Godzilla Green
    Reba w/remote
    Full XT group
    Avid Juicy Fives, 160mm rotors
    King headset
    Race Face 110mm stem, Ringle low riser bar
    36 hole Alex TD17 rims/XT hubs/DT Comp spokes, brass nips
    Tubed Maxxis Ignitors

    I like the looks of the new Salsa Delgado rims, plan to build a new wheelset with DT Swiss hubs when they become readily available. Right now I just wanna ride!
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    That is a sweet lookin rig man! I love the look of the tubing, my paragon looks fat by comparison. How much does it weigh?

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    I guess it depends on where you ride....

    We've put about 300 miles on one and never had an issue with the cable routing.

    In fact, I liked it so much, I'm having my Vulture SS made into a gearie and I'm having the cables run the same way as the SIR 9. Chris and Steve seem to have a solid handle on even the tiniest details.

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    I agree that they have it going on, am hoping it's all in my head and I can get over it.

    Forgot the weight, sorry. Complete build is 27.6 lb, bare frame (w/frame saver and EBB) weighed 4.7lb.

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