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    Fully for overweight, good idea?

    Hi there,

    is it a good idea to ride an mtb fully if I am like 240 pounds? Or doesn't it even make sense with such a heavy person?

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    If you have the right shock setup, shouldn't matter too much on your weight.
    I remember back in the day a friend of mine was at a bike show/demo and got talking to a nice middle-age gentleman.
    My friend said the same thing, "I wish they made bikes for bigger guys like me". The middle-age guy said, no problem, he had a couple of bikes in mind.

    Turns out the middle-age guy was Garry Fisher.

    Long story short, get a shock that can hold your weight, maybe coil depending on how much travel you are thinking (what's your riding style like?) and you should be good to go.

    Also consider getting strong rims for your ride.
    My friend who I was talking about is 270ibs for reference, and he rides a Trek Fuel EX 8 with an upgraded shock and some DT Swiss aluminum wheels. No issues so far with his weight.

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    Yep, you can do it. I have been riding since I was 285 lbs myself. I am down to 260 lbs after 1 summer of road cycling / mountain biking. Most bikes (full suspension and hardtails) can handle quite a bit of weight. Trek's carbon road and mountain bike frames can handle up to 300 lbs of total weight. I think some Specialized frames can too. I would focus on the right wheelset to handle your body weight if you go used.

    If you want to ask additional questions, check out the Clydesdale subforum! There is a wealth of great information for heavier riders.
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    No real problems here at 230 lbs. YMMV

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    Don't worry about it. 240# is nothing. I'm 200# before adding gear and an overloaded hydration pack. Any quality bike will easily handle the stress. Get a longer travel all mountain model if you want to fly the chunk.

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    We get old because we quit riding.

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    285lbs. here... I ride a stock fuel ex 8 with no issues.

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    210-215 here and I ride an Epic HT 19.x lb bike. No issues except seat rails with the S-Works saddle were weak. I switched to a slightly beefier saddle still very light and no issues at all. I am ride the snot out of my bikes. 240 is not crazy heavy.

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    I'm 290, down from 310 earlier this summer and I'm riding a stock Marlin 5 and it's holding up just fine. However 99% of my riding is on pavement and smooth trails.

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    I'm newly returning to this sport because I got gifted a Giant Anthem 29er and I want to lose some weight.. I'm 6'3" 265lbs.. and 49yrs old.. I love the FS anthem it takes a fair bit of the beating off my 49yr old back etc..

    As others said make sure to get the suspension set up correctly (buy a shock pump they are cheap) .. I don't think you need coil shocks I have a Fox Float 32 and Fox Float CTD shock, I got a bit of help from the local dealer getting it dialed in.. but I'm well pleased with this now. I've been riding /sort of aggressively hitting some features.. so far so good.

    As a bigger rider you may have more maintenance /early replacement of parts.. but whatever..

    Don't take stupid chances on iffy parts (i.e. no $30ish china carbon handlebars probably) ..

    Here is the bike I've been getting back into mtb with for a few months now..

    Fully for overweight, good idea?-answer810_2.jpg

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    230 pounds here and so far only problem has been a hub going (which wasnt weight related). I don't ride huge but I certainly don't ride gently. I'm pushing the published weight limit on wheels on several popular models , though I mailed marin about a bike and they said they test them at 300lbs so I make that easily. On the other hand I looked at a new stumpy and they are leveraged such that they run shocks really high, by their own calculator is said I should run at 310psi, it didn't mention the shock has a max recommended pressure of 300.

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    Ive been riding FS since I was 315 pounds. The biggest issue was the shock valving. I did quite a bit of fiddling with shim stacks in a Manitou Mcleod before I was happy (thanks Nick Mullen). But I had zero component failure of any kind.

    Im now down to 255 or so and still have no issues. Currently running a coil with a 650lb spring on a 2017 Intense Recluse. Everything works just fine.

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