Fox 32 F29 - Please help this suspension newbie out-
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    Fox 32 F29 - Please help this suspension newbie out

    Hey guys. I just took delivery of my Zinn Big Sur 29er. I'll save you the details, but 'back in the day' I was a full rigid guy, had to give up riding for a while, and am now back in full force. I spec'd my Big Sur with a Fox 32 F29 based on feedback largely from these forums.

    But, now that I'm looking at the thing In person, I've realized I don't have a clue how to adjust or tweak it And yes, I have RTFM. It doesn't talk in plain non-marketing speak. At least, not enough for my meager brain to follow. So that brings me to you fine folks. Help a brother out?

    1st question-
    My paperwork says this is a 2011 F29. But if I compare the pic online with mine, I see two different adjuster knobs (mine is blue, the stock is red). This is mine:

    Here's the stock photo:

    Is my fork a 2011? Why the different color knobs?

    I've read how to adjust sag. I think I've done so correctly for my rider weight, but the PSI needs to be in the neighborhood of 140-150. I've read different specs on this fork, some saying 125 is max, others saying 250 is max and on and on. Am I going to be ok at 140-150?

    The black knob inside the blue barely moves left or right. What does it do?

    The blue knob in that pic... does moving it all the way to the left (counter clockwise) mean its as "soft" as possible, and moving it all the way to the right (clockwise) mean that I'm stiffening the action up, all the way to lockout?

    What the hell is all this business? I've read the marketing propaganda, but to someone who's never used a front suspension fork, it might as well be greek to me. Would someone please explain if/how to use any of this, in plain English?

    Thanks for your time guys.

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    Based on your questions, it does really not sound like you R'd the right FM. Follow this link here, go to Forks>32mm>F29, and choose your model which looks like a F29 FIT RLC.

    You have a 2011, because I have a 2010 and used to have a 2009 and your graphics are different. I have always found the Fox manuals pretty easy to read, maybe you were looking at a marketing slik and not the tech guide? Not really sure how to re-write all that info any simpler, they did a pretty good job with it.

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    Wow sure enough! Thanks cany. That's far more informative than what I was given.

    Here's what I was reading, thinking it was "the manual". Wonder where I got that idear :P

    It pretty much only covers install.

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    Black Knob - Lockout force - The higher you turn this the more initial force it will take for the fork to compress. Turn it all the way positive and the fork will be locked out no matter where you put the lockout lever. Turn it all negative and it will never lockout even if the lockout is on.

    Blue lever- Lockout. All the way on is lockout on and conversely all the way off is lockout off. you can put it somewhere in the middle go between fully locked and unlocked.

    Blue dial - Low speed Compression - This adjusts the speed that the fork compresses. The higher you turn it, the more the fork will compress with each hit. All the way down and the less it travels with each hit.

    Red Knob - Rebound speed. This controls how fast the fork uncompresses from compression. Setting it too fast makes it feel too bouncy, too slow and it feels like it never comes back.

    I think it's easy to remember that your compression and rebound are related. Get them wrong and the fork will feel harsh and either too bouncy or too soft. I never really adjust the lockout force on mine. I'd turn it up if the fork feels too soft no matter how much air you put in it. Max is 125psi, so if it's still too soft with the lockout all the way open turn up the lockout force. Don't exceed the air max. It will break.

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