• 12-27-2010
    fork length: Avanti Kiss 29(green) or early Raliegh XXIX
    Hi All,

    Just won an early Avanti Kiss 29 on ebay (the green 1), I understand this is the same frame as the Raliegh XXIX early models which were non suspension corrected.

    I'm after the axle to crown measurement so that I can get a matching fork.

  • 12-27-2010
    All you ever wanted to know about anything related to that frame, the XXIX and forks of varying lengths.

  • 12-27-2010
    I have an earlier model XXIX and when I got an Origin 8 Blackops fork a had to get the 428mm
  • 12-29-2010
    Can anyone think of any other options?
    can anyone think of any other options?

    Thinking will have to go with the Salsa at this time