Fixed Gear 29er Anyone have 1 ?-
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    Fixed Gear 29er Anyone have 1 ?

    Trying to find more out about a 29er fixed gear anyone riding 1? What gears are u running, Do you have any pics to post. Any info would be helpful. I am thinking about building one.

    ride on....

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    I have never ridden fixed gear.......... would that require something different than a standard ss'er ?

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    I used one last year for Ice races, but haven't ridden off road fixxed. I can't remember the gear I used though...sorry.
    Just a regular guy.

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    I don't have a 29er, but I have run fixed off road on a 26er for a bit so heres what I know....

    Run a larger gear than you would on a freewheel.....your legs need to spin on the down hills! 36:16 for flat-ish places, 36:18 in the winter/mud/un-fit season. (vs. 36:18 / 36:20)

    Get a good quality cog and lockring: Surly, EAI, Dura Ace. Cheap cogs have little thread and can trash hubs....not fun (same goes for lock rings!)

    Keep BOTH your brakes to start with, then ditch the back one if you want.

    Keep pedling!

    Try for lots of info.

    Good luck

    "Put any one on one of these singlespeed bikes and they could not help but have fun"
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    almost a 29" fixed

    I have a surly cross check that I ride fixed off-road. Currently only have some 700x32 ritchey speedmax's on it but other wise ride larger volume. A good gear I've found for rolling hills is 42x17 though it can take a bit of grunting.

    Having ridden single speed and fixed I'd say that it's easier to puch a harder gear on a fixed. The fixed wheel doesn't loose momentum like a freewheel.

    I definately recomend trying it, quite fun.
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    Fixed 29"er

    I ride my Mutiny Man fixed part of the time.Phil/Dyad flip flop hub.I`m currently running a 2x2 set up.Synchros cromo crank,Salsa rings,AC 20t freewheel and a Surly 16t track cog.Same chain length base on the 4 tooth rule.The 36/16 is a good town gear,not the best but it works.No balls to take it off road fixed though.

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    Just got done riding it to work

    I ride my Karate Monkey fixed to work nearly every day. I ride 42:18. I posted some pics awhile back in this forum. Look for HisNameIsPeterIKnowHesOutThere if you don't find them, let me know, and I will repost them for you.

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    I ride my monkey fixed

    I've got my KM set up with a Phil fixed/free. I ride 32:15 fixed w/out a rear brake as my to the trailhead gear, and on some flatter trails, and commuting gear. I don't mess with re-adjusting the rear brake when I flop the wheel (32:20 w/ a freewheel), just use the front brake and my legs to stop. I've been riding my cyclocross fixed off road for over a year, and commuting fixed for a few years. I'd recommend a rear brake if you are just getting started in off road fixed riding.

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