First full suss 29er???-
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    First full suss 29er???

    Hi all,

    I want to get more into my local trails and single track but I also want be able to ride to them, part XC, part road (about 1.5hrs away). The trails I like are fast and flowy with small kickers and burms.

    I have a hardtail (voodoo bizango) which I use at the moment (love it) but what Iím after is a short travel 29er full susser with lockout on the shock for roads and climbing, £1400 - £1800.

    These are the bikes that look good to me

    Fuji Rakan 1.5

    Love the look and spec but canít find any reviews? Does anyone own one or know what it like?

    Vitus Escarpe 29VR

    Another great spec but not sure if theyíll ever be stocking them again.

    Canyon Neuron AL 7.0

    More expensive but you do get better suspension.

    Itís really tough when your spending a decent amount of cash and in most cases you canít try before you buy.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have a Fuji Rakan 1.5 2019!



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    My suggestion is buy a XC used maybe Giant, Scott or any that fits you. If you do not like it you can resale with almost no lost. It is like renting to avoid doing a mistake. After 1 to 3 resale you will know the tires, suspension, brakes,,,, that you enjoy/do not enjoy. 100/120 is plenty. Or try HT 120-130 29x2.6. Have fun finding your good match.

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    I did think about 2nd hand but you still have to pay over £1000 for a bike you don't really know the history of.

    Love my HT, I just want something with a bit more pop and to soak up the hits better.



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