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    First Complete Bike Purchase in 30 years

    Being the anal type, I typically buy frame-only and build my bikes up with exactly what I want/what fits. Just landed an Intense Primer (Expert Build). Love the bike- it kills the Niner Rip9 it is replacing. Build quality of the frame is at a higher level. Some thoughts on the build, which seems pretty typical today (XT level):
    • Bar width is actually laughable.
    • 50mm stem is too shoert for my purposes. A frame with this kind of climbing ability should not force you into a leaning-back position on steeps. 70/80 on a large would be a much more middle ground choice.
    • XT brakes are okay but completely on/off. If you hate modulation, you will love these.
    • Rear brake line path on frame aligned inboard, brake itself outboard. Hard S bend to make the transition. Come on Intense!
    • Internal routing with hydraulics is, just, um, NO! You only put them through one tube anyway. This is a tool, not a decoration.
    • Narrow rims on a frame that can fit 2.4 on a 40mm rim. Sheesh. They will be on Ebay shortly.
    • Dropper included- Yeah!
    • Color options were Gray/Neon Yellow or completely monochrome. (Sigh) I know that every 20-something hates any sort of color (apparently) but couldn't the color option be a little less fugly?
    • Too-heavy Raceface crank when the XT probably costs less anyway.
    • NN tires a good choice- maybe not aggressive enough for some but roll really well and handled Moab with aplomb.

    Overall pretty dang happy but a PITA to swap-in my Hope brakes and some significant $$$ to build an appropriate wheelset. FYI: Last whole bike purchase- Cannondale MT500.

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    Have you tried riding with the short stem/ wide bars? For more than 10 minutes? It's not for everyone, but the idea of riding trails with bars narrower than 28 inches or a stem longer than 70mm makes me want to stab myself in the face with a screwdriver now that I am used to it.

    760mm bars are almost narrow by today's standards.

    This topic has been beaten to death now, but stem sizes are best in proportion to handlebar width. I learned this the hard way, trying to ride a 30" wide bar with a 90mm stem. 760mm bars with a 50 stem is a bit undersized though. I would think a slightly longer stem or a wider bar would make sense.

    Picking up a modern mountain bike and complaining about the handlebar and stumm is like picking up a smartphone and complaining that you can't use it because it doesn't have a rotary dial.

    I have SLX brakes and they modulate just fine. You probably need to get used to them or adjust them XT brakes are very tunable.

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    You are not alone in your observations. Bars are wide but you can cut them down. The stem is short but frame reach is likely longer. XT brakes are on/off. I blame the "Servo Wave" mechanism.
    Do the math.

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    Ride the bars for a little while before you cut them down. You might get used to them. I know i did

    Have fun
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