Ferrous seatpost noise.

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  • 07-03-2012
    Ferrous seatpost noise.
    Have a GF Ferrous, getting a click out of my seatpost/seat tube area when I spin fast (happens when I start to spin out and get to much side to side). Can't be reproduced when standing and happens with a new post and seat as well.

    I think it from the post actually moving around in the tube. Any one run into this? Can it be fixed? I guess it won't hurt anything but I hate noises.
  • 07-03-2012
    Possible crack in the frame at the seat tube/top tube junction.
  • 07-03-2012
    Sound are always difficult to track down, and as it happens with another seat and seatpost I'd bet it's coming from somewhere else. But try lightly greasing the seatpost binder (bolt or QR) first and if this doesn't work then try lightly greasing the seatpost. Chalk can work on the seatpost too, instead of the grease.

  • 07-04-2012
    Don't want to alarm you, however both my Ferrous cracked at the Seat tube / top tube junction. inspect it for small cracks.
  • 07-04-2012
    mine cracked in that location as well.
    but it could be from the seat post as well.
    there is an issue with some bontrager seat posts that use a single screw for adjusting the saddle angle.
    fixing it is rather simple:
    your release the screw, and clean the saddle rails with a dry rag.
    when release the screw completely you will see 4 parts:
    2 caps (which grip the saddle rails
    a screw and a spring
    clean them with some de greaser.
    clean the seat post clamping area (where the clamping screws to).
    lightly grease it with syn-grease.
    it's important to tight it with a torque wrench.

    hope this help,
  • 07-04-2012
    Yeah, I have read about cracks there and inspected pretty thouroughly (could have missed it I guess though). I really thin that the collar is a bit of a bottle neck and the lower portion of the tube has a lttle wiggle room. The sound is not a creak at all, more of a tapping. It occurs with relativley light side to side movement, heavy movement up and down forward and back does not impact it. I have wondered if a new, wider collar, maybe double bolt would fix it.