• 06-04-2008
    feedback...schwalbe marathon & conti contact super lite tires 700c/29er
    Building up a road/fire road bike,looking for a fast set of tires...just tried a set of small block 8,nice upgrade speed wise from my crossmarks....
    The marathon series look good in a 40,45 and 2.0 size run.,as do the conti contact super lite 42mm has anyone put these to the test.
    I dont want to go any smaller then 40mm so that rules out many cross tires
    thx for any feedback:thumbsup:
  • 06-04-2008
    I use some Marathon XR tires on my Waltworks 29-er in 1.6/42mm size.
    Use them for trips on the road and they do that perfect.
    I've ridden them off road to and they worked well on hardpack and even some gravel.
    Not as much grip as a fill blown MTB tire but still a decent amount of grip and lower rolling resistance as a bonus.
    When you're looking for really fast Marathon tires you should try out the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme or Marathon Racer.
    Faster qualifier compound rubber and almost no rolling resistance.
    I bought my Marathon XR's just for them being idiot proof and long lasting at the expense of some added rolling resistance, it remains an expedition tire loved by world cyclist.
    Perfect for bad roads and some off road stuff but for even roads and smooth dirt the Marathon Supreme and Marathon Racer can't be beaten.
  • 06-04-2008
    cool,thx for the input are they noticeably faster than a crossmark or sm. block 8
  • 06-04-2008

    Originally Posted by 29ERCAT
    cool,thx for the input are they noticeably faster than a crossmark or sm. block 8

    I woudn't know, never ridden the SB8 or Crossmark myself.
    I think the Marathon Supreme is known for being the fastest touring tire around.
    And they say the Marathon XR has a bit more rolling resistance (3-5Watt more) but the last incredibly long.
    10.000-15.000miles for an tire isn't anything unusual for this tire.
  • 06-05-2008
    the mayor
    I have never used one...but tandem riders seem to love them ( not sure which version)...and tandems put a lot of stress and wear on both front and rear tires.
  • 06-06-2008
    any other feedbacl on some fast road rubber...40mm-50mm
  • 06-07-2008
    add kenda kwicks to the list....any word on the above
  • 09-03-2008
    Marathon tires
    Have you considered the Schwalbe Marathon Cross HS334, 700x38? It seems like it has very good grip, fast rolling and kevlar protection to boot. I know it isn't a 40 but 2 mm less shouldn't make a real difference or should it?
  • 09-03-2008
    WTB Vulpine 2.1's are pretty damn fast

    i've been riding on them since April...
    pretty much most of the time on my 29er...

    i've also tried road tires
    kenda kwik CX tyres (i think 37c)

    and a set of Conti Top Contact 47c touring tyres.

    the Vulpines go up to something like 65psi
    and i've been doing a bunch of road rides with my local club (Velo Club Monterey)
    Monday was an 80 miler
    Vulpines also work in the dirt... much better than a 47c touring tire.

    my only thought about Vulpines is how they'd handle city streets like LA... you know... glass, and debris. where i think the thicker casings on the Conti Top Contacts would wear much longer.
  • 09-03-2008
    XC vs. touring tire
    Does anyone have experience with the impact on speed with a kevlar belted XC tire such as the Schwalbe Marathon Cross HS 344 when you also need protection from road debris, glass shards, wire bits etc?
  • 09-04-2008
    big apple
    i saw 2.0/50mm some where above, just got some big apples in the 2.0 size, then mounted them on my chross check. changed everything for the best.
    ****fast as possible is not my gig, quick, comfy, long and anywhere is how i roll*****
  • 02-09-2010
    super jim
    Anymore trials on the Marathon Supreme 29 x 2.0 (700 x 50c)?

    Air pressure for road use?