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    Feed back on 2010 Sultan sizing.

    I'm 5'11' and have been riding my buddy's large for few weeks and have fallen in love with it,but it feels a tad to long even with a 70mm stem.anyone my height riding a medium.

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    I'm 5' 10". One reason I never considered the Sultan seriously is because there is a huge chasm in ETT between the M (23.25 going from memory here) and the L (24.25).

    @ 5' 10" I prefer ETT between 23.5 and 23.75 with a 90 mm stem. I have purchased bikes outside this range and have always regretted it and sold them off .....

    Sorry, I don't have any M Sultan info for you

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    I'm 5' 10.5" on a 2009 size L with a 90 mm stem, and love it. But, I tend to like a bike that stretches me out a bit. Plus, I'm sort of all arms and legs--33.5" cycling inseam. The shops I consulted before purchasing varied on their opinion of whether I should be on a M or a L. Cycle Progression is where I finally bought mine, and Alex convinced me that a L with a short stem was the best option. Fits great, so I haven't looked back.

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    Maybe your current bike is too short. Seriously, though, it's easy to get used to what you've been riding, even though it may not be optimal. Even optimal has a fairly wide range.

    On your buddy's bike, what was the seatpost setback, and where is the saddle on the rails? I wouldn't suggest compromising your saddle position to make a bike fit, but there's probably 3" worth of possible range there. At 5'-11" I'd be surprised if a L is too big. I also think the larger frame/shorter stem is a good way to go on the Sultan, since the HA is relatively steep.
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    The head tube angle on the Sultan is in no way "steep". Fallzboater is just used to riding his goofy "chopper" mtb for the last several years.

    At 5'11" just buy an L. You'll be dialed quickly, and if you ever get a chance to sit on a M after that, you'll wonder what you were thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fallzboater
    At 5'-11" I'd be surprised if a L is too big.
    Depends on many things. I'm 6-0 and would get a medium. Body proportions, stem length, type of terrain, intended use, riding style, preferred position all effect frame size selection. Not a cheap frame we're talking about. The OP is already riding his friends large an said it seems a tad too long.
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    Yeah, now that you know what the large feels like, it would be good if you could get a ride on a medium to compare. You might also fiddle with some other adjustments on the large like stem length and seat rail position.

    I'm 5' 11.5" and loved the fit of the large '08 TNT Sultan and thought the '09 DW large Sultan felt pretty good when I rode it last year. But the '10 Sultan felt a bit big to me after stepping off a couple of medium 29er's at I-bike this year (Salsa Big Mamma and Rocky Mountain Altitude 29) eventhough I believe it is unchanged from last year.

    If I were ordering a Sultan today, I would definitely want to ride a medium before I decided.... though I think I would still end up on a large.

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    I'm 5'11" and ride a L with a 100 stem which is perfect for my riding style. Unless you want a more upright position or shortie stem, I would think the M would be to short.

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    I'm 5'10" and ride a large 2009 Sultan w/ an 80mm stem. I've owned a number of other medium Turners over the years, and after trying out the DW bikes in large, I realized that they were all too small for me.

    Caveat: Most of my riding involves a good amount of climbing, so I really do prefer to be a little stretched out. Another Sultan owner I know is about 6'2" and also rides a large and is happy with how it fits him.

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