• 09-03-2009
    wh1tesurly ss
    Exiwolf 2.3 tires on Bontrager Mustang TLR wheels; wtf?
    Has anyone experienced issues with mounting WTB Exiwolf 2.3's on a Bontrager Mustang TLR wheel?

    I tried to mount these tires on my wheels this evening, but I can't quite get the tire bead to properly seat with the rim hook; there's about a 6" section where the tire bead is low into the rim. I discovered (only after receiving the tires today) that WTB suggests a minimum 21+mm hook width for mounting these. I'm pretty sure that the hook width on my wheels is 19.2 mm. I checked WTB's web site, but there is no mention of any special hook width requirements :madman: .

    Anyone have any tricks or tips to offer, or am I pretty much S.O.L. on this one? Oh yeah, I'm running tubes, for now.
  • 09-03-2009
    Soap and water around the bead and a little more pressure. Should hear a nice pop.
  • 09-03-2009
    what cross4 said. Find a small spray bottle, fill it with dish soap and water, and spray it all over both sides of the tire. Pump up to ~40 psi and it should pop into place. If it doesn't pop on its own, grab the tire from the side with both hands and push the tire back and forth