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    Evil Following MB vs Ibis Ripley LS 2018...virtually the same bike?

    Not starting/picking a fight, but if you look at the specs on these bikes, they are VERY similar. I'm a Medium Evil and Large Ibis Rip.

    Ibis left Evil right
    Head Angle: 67.5 vs 67.4
    Reach: 16.9 vs 17.1
    Wheelbase: 46 vs 45.6
    Chainstay: 17.5 vs 17
    Bottom Bracket: 13 vs 13.3
    Travel: both 130/120

    Certainly not the only specs, but some very important ones. So I'm trying to figure out why one is labeled as such a great climber and XC/Trail and the other is labeled such a great descender and more Trail/AM...

    They are both obviously GREAT bikes...but it would seem like they should be for virtually the same use. I've looked for some definitive lessons on the difference in how the two suspension systems actually ride (it would be great if DW had one video on all his suspension designs and how x is good at doing this and y design is good at doing that).

    Would be interested to see what others think...good riding all!
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    I own a Ripley LS and just put my popcorn in the nukebox.
    Ibis Ripmo V2
    Ibis Ripley V4
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    Interesting to see what others have to say. Subscribed

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    Haven't owned either, but have tested both a few times and neither were quite what I wanted.
    The LS climbs well and is comfortable but can get overwhelmed and blow through travel. But it's not a long travel bike and good for a lot of people.
    The following I got some peddle feedback when climbing and descending. And instead of blowing through travel it resisted and kicked around on chunky stuff. If flow trails are your thing it will boost of any thing though.

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    The Following MB will be heavier, but also rides like it has more travel than 120mm. If you want to get rowdy, ride some gnar, or take your bike in places where you might be overwhelmed, get the FMB. If you want to do long rides, feel effecient, ride a little tech, but not go crazy, get the Ibis.

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