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    Epic Evo/blur tr/r.m. element

    It's new bike day, welcoming you to share my excitement 😁 and I'm in need for some advice. I'm my current cc rig is a Canyon Lux (great bike and service b.t.w). My aim is at the xc-trail trend which started with the element BC edition, and I'm debating between those 3 bikes. I'm planning on going all in , and getting the top model from each line.
    Here are my thoughts so far:
    1. SC Blur Tr: life time warranty for frame, wheel and bearings, SC logo, all are great. the down side for me is the one bottle cage. 110mm up front.
    2. RM element: a C99 2018, with the 24xc carbon wheels. Found one model on my size nearby. The up side is the adjustable geomey, and the down side are poor reviews on the local shop.
    3. Epic Evo sworks 2019 - enough has been said on the advantages. On the down side, very high cost maintenance for shock and frame. Hard on the small bumps.

    Since it is a purchase for the next 7 years or so, and an expensive one, your advice is very welcome!!!

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    I was in between the epic and the blur myself. what turned me off on the epic was all the brain failures, and previous experince with Spec turnaround time of 8 months on an Ohlins stx i send in last summer.

    The blur can be raised to 120mm for 35 usd.

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    That's exactly the issue I guess,the epic has many features give you a great experience but adds complexity. The blur on the other hand are a simple, efficient and backed up with warranty.
    Still a hard choice to make, since I can raise the front travel on my current lux...
    I'm looking for something that would feel like a significant upgrade.

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