Custom HT frame ti vs steel-
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    Custom HT frame ti vs steel

    I'm deciding on a IF Deluxe steel 29er HT frame or Titus FCR 29er HT frame. The Ti will last a long time. The rear is convertiable from SS to geared on the Titus. The difference is $400.00.

    What has a better ride quality ?Steel vs Ti. I'm 6'1 233# . I ride tech , rocky , roots, mud etc. East Coast ,West Virginia.

    I was going to put a Reba on the front.

    Info would be appreciated.


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    Walt has som experience with the matter, opinions posted on his website.

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    tough choice, huh?

    i am about your size minus a cheeseburger or two, and i live in dub vee. i would say you should talk to chris at titus about how stiff he can make a ti frame. i have ridden both materials, and honestly, an off the shelf ti frame will have some wiggle to it in our size. put a sussy fork on there and it will have a tendency to feel vague in the rocky stuff. i was riding an airborne ti with a rigid fork recently and it was pretty stiff laterally but i could get the tire to rub the chainstays if i really stood up and honked on it, and the front end was a little less precise than the KM i had before the B-29er. the Airborne was much more comfortable when it came to actual trail feel. i could ride it for hours through the rocks without feeling as beat on as the km. here's my suggestion. talk to titus about concerns of stiffness from the seat tube forward to the headtube. you don't want that wiggle that ti can give. their rear triangle looks like it is built for rigidity, so that shouldn't be a problem. What you will get is a heavier ti bike, that is on par with good steel frame in both size and weight, and probably ride characteristics. but you will have the ability to ride the soupy crap we ride around here all year round without having to worry about your paint and rust. i personnaly feel ti has a "feeling" to it when you are bouncing through the rocks. it whispers where steel tings and aluminum thuds. ghost quality. i doubt you will be disappointed either way.

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    I don't think you can go wrong with either...

    But to back up what olds_cool said, talk to Titus. I am pretty sure Chris will have no problems whatsoever building a bike to accomidate your size.

    the los
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    I like steel better-

    I'm 195# and have had an airborne Ti Hag (26), a B29 (29), a Surly 1x1 (26), and now a steel walt 29" SS with a gearie in the process of being built up. I feel that the steel bikes have a more solid feel to them and I like it. I think you'll be happy with either bike but just throwing my opinion into the mix, I'll take steel vs. Ti for now.

    As far as non-performance issues, I got a lot more comments about the Ti bikes than the steel ones and they'll never rust, you don't have to worry about rust, and "they say" the fatigue life is excellent. On the other hand the steel bikes are red, they're cheaper, and I guess they're somewhat more repairable.

    You must post pics when the bike arrives!

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    Went w/ IF Steel Deluxe w/ ecc BB

    IF makes an awesome bike . I love Titus work.Decided on steel. At 230, It seems that steel would work best. I got Ruby red fade to Platinum. Eccentric BB disk specific. Now the wait.

    Thanks to those who replied.

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    Nice choice ...
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