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    Converting 700c to 29er, headset considerations

    Hello, first post for me! (so feel free to correct me on a better sub-forum)

    I recently purchased a new wheelset for my 700c gravel/hybrid custom TI bike. I love it, except for the fact that I can't find any measurements online due to it being custom-made. I am really wanting to put 2" tires on both front and back (looking at Donnelly x'plor MSO front/Schwalbe marathon supreme rear combo), but I'm unsure/pessimistic that I have the clearance in the front.

    My current wheelset has about an internal width of 20mm with 38mm tires on them. The front, a Schwalbe GT 365, actually measured to be about 40.5mm, the rear was 38mm as advertised.

    I have plenty of clearance in the rear; on the front however, I have about 3/4 of an inch of clearance from the bottom of the fork, which I measured to be about 400mm axle to crown (assuming I measured correctly). Sides are fine.

    My new wheelset will have an internal width of 26.6mm. Again, I'd like to put 2inch (50mm) tires on them. I'm hoping that being that the wheel is wider, the tires will sit more round/square and thus, they will fit into my current fork.

    First question, is there any validity to that statement or any measurements that describe it?

    In the likely scenario that the tires don't fit, I won't mind changing my fork. I would like to keep it rigid, so I was looking at 29er rigid forks which all seem to be "suspension corrected." The average axle-to-crown length for these forks have been around 470mm, and assuming I measured mine correctly, is therefore ~70mm greater in length than my current setup.

    Next question, how will this affect my head angle/general feel of steering? I measured this also and assuming I did it correctly, the head angle is currently at ~66deg. I'm assuming it will decrease the head angle a significant amount given the 20mm=1deg rule, but I was wondering if any of you have more expertise on this.

    Final question, will getting wider tires counter-act the above side effect? I mostly like how the bike feels; however, I do feel that the handle bars are a bit 'low' and that it feels like I have to reach farther and lower than my MTB -- which I love the feel of. So I wouldn't mind if the handlebars sit "higher" at all.

    I use the bike mostly for commuting but I also take it out for the occasional gravel ride but I'm also wanting to turn this bike into an XC-able one for bikepacking/long days. I've taken it down on moderate single track and everything was great except for the skinny tires. Please let me know if pics will help, I can get to that tonight after work.

    Any other thoughts/considerations/tire and fork recommendations for my situation would also be appreciated!

    Thanks a ton!

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    For anyone else that gets in here from google or whatever,

    I ordered a 3T Luteus II fork after research on showed it has the most clearance as far as CX/Gravel (~395mm A to C length) forks go, with some saying they were able to put 29x2.0 tires on them. Will update this post after I receive and install it!

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