• 02-02-2012
    Chinese carbon 29er frames
    Hi everyone,

    In this year i would like to build my first 29er. When i was searching for some nice and light 29er frame,i found few chinese frames,which have good price. My question is,are they good,and how much they weight (17-18''). And i would like to buy a Carbon rigid fork too.
    So the set will be looks like this one:29ER - Brand New Full Carbon Mountain Bike 18" Frame Fork Headset | eBay
  • 02-02-2012
    Here's 90 pages of reading on the subject

  • 02-22-2012
    Pro'lly missed somethin, but when I searched for the word "Chinese" under advanced search 29'er only, curiously-- the above monster thread was not in the list of hits.