carbon or alu handlebar

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  • 02-08-2010
    carbon or alu handlebar
    trying to find a long flat 25.4 [clamp] handlebar have allways road aluminum what are the ride quality differences between alum and carbon? thanks
  • 02-09-2010
    I've never noticed a ride quality difference until I began riding a rigid fork. Now I find carbon to be a definite advantage. Definitely smoothes out the ride over small chatter.

    On suspension, I don't see much of a difference. And there are much wider AL flat bars out there than carbon flat bars. I've been running low-rise carbons to find the width I want.
  • 02-09-2010
    AgentX is right on- Carbon flats are tough to find wider than 660 mm in width (Salsa Pro moto's) but there are a number of low rise Carbon bars ~685mm or so wide- I guess bar "width" is a fairly relative thing so what are you looking for? Right now I cannot see myself using anything wider than 27 to 28 inches who know in the future.

    Aslo as AgentX mentioned there is not a huge difference on a bike with front suspension but on my rigid the carbon does offer more comfort- otherwise it is a bit lighter- thist said I would stick with aproven Bar that is not "race" light...aka delicate!