I am trying to decide between the yt capra 29 or jeffsy 29. I have ridden the capra and it is a lot of fun, downhill especially. I have not had a chance to try a jeffsy. I do live in Utah so I see some rougher trails but we also have some smoother single track. I love downhill but I also like to climb (the capra seemed to do fine with that?) I'm in no means an an enduro rider so I feel a tad like I am totally overbiked going for the capra. I guess my question for those that have ridden both, is the jeffsy that different feeling while going uphill? Do I gain much going with it over the capra? Did you prefer it on trails that maybe were not super rowdy (I see both really rough and some that are just smooth single track.) I am just having the hardest time deciding which to get. Capra I can get sooner and I definitely prefer the color, but is the jeffsy worth waiting longer for?