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    cannondale SL 4 29er

    Hi all... my LBS has a 2013 cannondale SL 4 29er for sale at $460.
    The shop does rentals and this was one of them.

    Looking on bicycle blue book...
    2013 Cannondale Trail SL 29'er 4 - New and Used Bike Value

    I don't get alot of information back about the actual worthiness of this bike.

    It concerns me a bit with it being a cannondale but at a sub $500 price range.

    It has hydraulic brakes but uses lower end components alivio and acera.

    I would be looking for a replacement to my Giant revel 1 29er Revel 29er 1 (2013) | Giant Bicycles | United States as I'd probably be selling that to my brother to get this cannondale.

    I've read some reviews on it but they seemed mixed.

    I only really started back to riding last summer and don't do anything hardcore yet.
    Any additional input/comments would be appreciated.... thanks in advance!

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    I'd say for the price...that's a good buy. It's just a slight upgrade from the Giant but at that price...if you can sell the Giant for enough to cover the Cannondale...why not. You won't be going backwards and this way you and your brother will have bikes.

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    I'd say the Marin on ebay is a better bike in many ways for the extra.
    I'd try first to sell your Revel on clist and get two for you and your brother.
    The air fork with adjustable rebound and an oil damper is the big upgrade.
    2013 Marin Bobcat Trail 29er 20 5 MTB Hardtail Bike Shimano 9 Hydraulic Disc New | eBay
    The auction listings are cheaper.
    2013 Marin BOBCAT TRAIL 29er MTB Hardtail Bike Shimano 9s Hydraulic Di | Random Bike Parts
    Site may have a 5% off coupon.

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    thanks for the feedback...
    I'm trying to basically break even with my giant and have little to no out of pocket cost if I were to get another bike.

    My brother is looking at the $500 price point and is willing to buy my giant for $450 with no tax obviously.

    With the cannondale being $460 plus tax, i'd be out about 40 bucks.

    I've always like Marin but that's a jump that I'm not willing to pay as of yet seeing as how my current Giant is like brand new and I don't need to sell it... just trying to get my brother into a good entry level bike and if I can get into a small upgrade at the same time... why not?

    Oh, and probably should have mentioned... my brother can't get the cannondale b/c the frame is too big for him.
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