• 09-02-2009
    Which "Cane Creek" headset came stock on my 09 Stumpy Comp 29er?
    Hi all,

    Couldn't find a suitable forum to ask this question, so I thought I'd go with the 29er folks.

    On the Specy website it says...
    "STEM: 1-1/8" Threadless, 10mm insertion alloy cups, sealed cartridge bearing"

    However, physically right on the headset it says...
    "Cane Creek" - "US PAT 5095770"

    Which of the Cane Creek headsets is this equivalent to? S1? S3? etc

    I had a Cane Creek S3 on my last bike right before it got stolen. I'm building up this bike with mirrored components to that bike, so I'm wondering if it is worth it to "upgrade" to an S3, or whether this is already equivalent (saving me the cash).

    Thanks much
  • 09-02-2009
    Probably similar to an s3.

    You won't feel any difference.
  • 09-02-2009
    Save your money, I have the same headset, and I cannot feel the difference between my Solos or 110 Cane Creek headsets.