Buying first 29er, can't choose right size-
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    Buying first 29er, can't choose right size

    Hello everyone.
    I'm buying my first 29er MTB and can't choose the size.
    I found a bike that I want to buy and it has 48cm and 53cm sizes available. So 19" and 21".

    I'm 183/184cm (6' - 6'1) with inseam lenght of 34-34.5". So maybe my legs are a little longer than they should be.

    I know it's best to try it on in the store, but this store is a long drive from here so I'm planning to order online.

    After reading few threds and charts, I'm even more confused. Maybe 48 cm would be smarter choice?

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    "I know it's best to try it on in the store, but this store is a long drive from here so I'm planning to order online."

    Best to demo or & least do a parking lot spin before you buy.

    Is this your first MTB? If so you can crunch charts all day long but some expert advise from your LBS goes a long way.

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    I am your exact body size and here is what you need to deal with. First I am a trail rider so comments are around those bikes--usually about 130MM travel

    You will be either a L or XL---but here is my experience---just mine

    Reach is important and you need to figure out what works for you--for me I am comfortable at around 460------bikes at 475--480 just are too long standing---due to our long legs which push us away from the bars. New bikes are getting very long reaches and for me some did not work especially in XL

    Cockpit length --you will find some larges cramped (Ripley for example) and others that feel good (Pivot 429 Trail) On the cramped feeling bikes you may like an XL better but then the reach may not be comfortable.

    Hands----low stack on many new bikes really bothers me as on a large my seat is way up and results in too much weight on my hands---there has been lots of chatter on this.

    I rode everything (easy where I live) and ended up on a Pivot 429Trail

    My big point is we have a body type that is a bit of a challenge with the new geo----I recommend you go ride the bikes you can even if they are not on your list to get a feel for what dimensions are comfortable. And maybe try your buddies bikes also---but somehow get a feel for reach/cockpit length/stack that works for you. Folk here will have other views but we are the same size so I shared.

    The good news is there are tons of good bikes so no reason to make an expensive error

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    I'd take an L (19") size bike. But I would also have a look at the REACH length and A length. There are lots of frames online, but a lot of them from China have a short values for R and A compared to bikes which I tested, at least in the fullys area. I would take one with a Reach of around 460mm and A of 630mm.


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    I would pick whichever model the bike you choose is labeled "large." you're too tall to fit on anything "medium" and an extra-large might be a stretch. it's not a much more complicated than that. if the bike in a large does not suit your riding style within reason, pick a different bike.

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    How about telling us the name of the bike and the reach figure for the two sizes.

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