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    Build a small 29'er?

    I'm getting ideas for a new bike for my wife. She's currently got a cheap Walmart kids bike that weighs 40 lbs so it's got to go. But still need a budget bike as she does not ride often and then nothing difficult.

    She is 5'5" with a 28.5" inseam standng barefoot.

    One bike I am considering is the Motobecame 500HT from at $350.00 Possibly the 700HT.

    But I have a Cannondale 29er 4 that I have modified and I have several components left over that I thought maybe I could build her a small 29er that would be a better bike for less money. Seems logical If I already have the major compents and I'm providing the labor to install them.

    Here's what I have to work with:

    Stock Shimano crankset and cassette - 27 speed with pedals
    29'er wheelset with disc rotors 180front/160rear.
    handle bars
    Seatpost (31.6mm) and seat.

    So what I would need is:
    small hardtail frame (15"?) and fork (ridgid fork is OK)
    derailers front and rear with gear selectors
    mechanical disc brakes minus the rotors
    Possible shims for seat post?

    Who could supply what I need in a frame and remaining components and still be under $400.00?

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    Might be pretty tough to get that stuff together (at least quality items...) for $400. If you go cheap (low-end model) stuff you might be able to pull it off - the F&R Der's and shifters are the most expensive items - with the disc brakes coming next. Even on-line Avid BB-7's will run about $120 - $140 a pair, and SRAM X-7 shifters and derailleurs will run you another $100 - $120. That's $240 or more of your budget right there. If you think the Motobecane 29'er frame will work for her, maybe buy that $595 bike they have, put some of your better(?) parts on it and let her ride it for a while. If she likes it, then later upgrade the frame if needed. I think you'd have a hard time putting a bike together for the price of the one they have - some of the parts are a bit questionable for durability, but if she is small they might work fine for her!
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    Quote Originally Posted by super jim

    Who could supply what I need in a frame and remaining components and still be under $400.00?
    maybe ebay, but that would still be quite a find. someone who bought a low-end complete bike and is upgrading the frame. but like ATBscott said, you'll be hard pressed to find all the other components and the frame/fork for under $400. seems like for not much more you could find a complete bike with new parts. what i ended up doing for wifey was getting a complete new bike. spent 1K for a sweet Salsa El-Mariachi, but I know there are cheaper new ones.
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