Hey All-

I just renewed my ad here on the EmptyBeer forums.

Check it out:

If you need a wheelset for your big-wheeled bike, I'm happy to set you up.

A few things have changed for February--updated inventory, slightly increased prices on certain wheelsets (some of my suppliers raised their prices), more options, plus you can now purchase tires and tubes, too.

Stock, custom, one-off, super-bling, or just plain old reliable, I've got 12 years of wheelbuilding experience and I use it on every build. If you're looking for the least expensive wheelset you can find, I'm probably not going to be much help--my builds start at $315 and go up from there. If quality and reliability are what you're after, please check out the ad and then drop me a line.

If you need background on me (to decide whether I can be trusted with your money and your health) do a search or simply ask around. I've been here for years and I plan to be here many more.