Haven't seen much love around for the Mama lately so thought I'd post up a couple of impressions from a brief try out.

Gave a friend's BM a few times round the trail head, so no real trail riding, but might get to later, who knows My main focus was the rear suspension.

Immediately the whole bike felt solid, composed and reassuring. Rear suspension felt very firm, almost HT'ish on the very small buzzy stuff, but when a bigger hit was taken, the rear travel swallowed it up nicely.

Tried mashing with full power in middle ring and looking down could see no movement. Felt very efficient in that respect.

Lifting the front seemed pretty straightforward, with little effort (as easy I would have said as my Behemoth)

Love the look of this bike, Salsa have done a great job. Would definitely give this frame a punt if the situation arises.