Big Mama + Coil shock = FS Bike worth riding-
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    Big Mama + Coil shock = FS Bike worth riding

    Why did I replace the RP2 with a coil shock?

    I got the inspiration to do this from this thread:

    I never liked the way my big mama climbed, it always felt sluggish and the I could never get the rear end to work properly. I found a deal on a Manitou Metel coil shock. I started with a 450# spring, 400, 350 all were too stiff, but the 250 spring works perfectly. I'll probably try a 300# spring as I've got the 250# cranked down about as much as it will go.

    The bike is now a FANTASTIC climber and doesn't require flipping a switch on shock if I want to climb efficiently. And it is super cushy and soaks up bumps (you know, the way a FS bike is supposed to)

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    lots of fs bikes are worth riding just the way they are...

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    Quote Originally Posted by b-kul View Post
    lots of fs bikes are worth riding just the way they are...
    And his wasn't one .

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    My Big Mama climbs very well with the original shock and no lockout. This is actually the first time I've ever read anything to the contrary. One complaint in a sea of Big Mama Love, all revovling it would seem around the rear suspension design.

    That doesn't mean the OP has to agree and I'm glad he has a set up he likes instead of changing frames, as there is plenty to like about it - not just the brilliant suspension design.

    Perhaps this is really about coil V air, more than anything. Reba coil conversions seem to go down well with those who have done it and I know I was disappointed with my air sprung fork coming from a bullet proof Marz MXR coil that was never serviced in 8 years and rode like a bought one.

    Sometimes I think weight is the number one priority these days regardless of all else.

    Alex, what is your weight? I'm asking because of your spring selection.
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