Saw this on the Velo News website ( Know there are quite a few smaller builders that frequent the MTBR forums and should be recognized. Note this is not just for roadie bikes...

Lifted the text directly from VN:

A Call To (Small) Arms
I'd like to finish off this week's column off with a request. The 2005 VeloNews Buyer's Guide is going to feature a "Small Builders'" section where we hope to list the great majority of independent frame builders in the United States.

We already know that despite our best efforts, we're going to miss a few of you out there. So, we want to make sure you get mentioned, either in the Buyer's Guide or right here on From the guy hard at work brazing in his parent's basement, to the more established company with its own production line, we'd like to hear about your business.

The only thing we ask is that your company produce at least five frames a year and not more than 300. If you produce hundreds of frames, chances are pretty good that we already have got you covered in the Buyer's Guide.

Please send the following information to [email protected]

Company Name
Builder's Name
Total number of frames produced in 2004
Types of frames produced (road, TT, full suspension, ‘cross, track, etc.)
General materials you work with (Steel, aluminum, ti, carbon, etc.)
Custom sizing options available?
250 word company background (why do you build bikes)
Contact info (website, phone, address)