Anyone regret/get rid of their Full Stache?-
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    Anyone regret/get rid of their Full Stache?

    Seems like everyone adores this thing, but there has to be another side to that coin. Anyone out there end up not being happy with it? Please share! Thanks!!

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    I love my Full Stache 😍

    It's the most capable bike in my fleet.

    Apart from the occasional chain rub on tire. 🤫

    This bike is a beast!! 👹

    Probably wasn't created for what it can do.

    The Guide R brakes point towards this i.e. I needed to upgrade to Guide RE's to be able to slow down and remain on the trail.

    The only real drawback I see with the Full Stache is, it ain't so good in clingy mud.

    Normal size tires can handle a couple grams of mud sticking to em.

    On my very first ride on my Full Stache, I rode down a brand new trail.

    It was very loamy at the bottom and a little damp on top.

    I picked up a kilo or two of mud and had to spend a good 20 mins cleaning all the gunk off, before bike was rideable again.

    When things are slightly muddy out, bike performs as expected w/ slight caveat...

    Any mud picked up by rear tire can/may/will be transferred by chain, when it rubs rear tire (G-out right handers only), to the lower jockey wheel. 😳

    This can cause erratic behavior by drivetrain.

    However, if things are dry out... this bike can do almost anything!! 👍

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