• 12-22-2010
    Actual Tallboy Chainstay Length
    Hi tallboy fans, we know it is a great bike, but as a "not-yet" owner I would be deeply appreciative if someone would make a quick measurement. We are traveling and I am unable to get into a bike shop to check myself on a new frame.

    So when you are off the bike, the chainstay definitely measures 17.5 inches as quoted by Santa Cruz, I've checked this. However, the chainstay lengthens significantly as the bottom link does its magic during the travel of the bike. By simple geometry, from photos, I estimate that the true chainstay could vary between:

    17.5 inches (when you are off the bike)
    18.1 inches (bottom link parallel with ground - is this full travel??)
    ??? inches (recommended sag, gosh I'd like to know this number)

    I guess one way to do this is have a friend press down while you work with the tape measure. Another way would be to let enough air out of the shock for it to sit at sag. Before somebody says "quit worrying about details, just get out and ride" let me just apologize and say that I am an engineer on vacation, kind of a bike geometry fanatic, and I will in fact be going on a ride today...

    Thanks in advance!
  • 12-22-2010
    Why does it really matter?

    The bike has a great balance point.....easy to wheelie and manual.

    Yea it grows alittle when it cycles through it's travel, but it is not noticeable.
  • 12-22-2010
    I have an XL Tallboy with a shock that has sag markings so it's easy for me to get pretty close to what you want. No matter since it doesn't vary much.

    From what I can tell, my CS length varies from 447-449mm over the sag range of 10-30%. At 0% I measured 445mm and at 100% I measured 460mm. I did this by progressively releasing air. My beginning and end numbers agree with yours.
  • 12-22-2010
    Thanks very much for the response, and happy holidays!