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    3rd ride report (monocog)

    So I finally went on, what I would consider, a real ride last night. It's organized by a LBS. 4 shop guys attended along with about 5 local riders. Lights in the dark. Wet trail (roots and rocks anyone?)

    The trail is technical single track. Nothing too horrible. Just the typical tight, twisty trails with roots and rocks scattered throughout; moderate elevation. The challenge comes in when you try to ride it faster and faster. And this group consists of some medium to fast riders.

    We had mostly FS bikes. But surprisingly, there was a HT, 1 - Lefty 29-er SS, me (rigid 29-er SS) and a fixie (rigid 29 of course).

    I'm happy to report that I was actually able to stay up at the front of the pack. I spent the night chasing down a 20y/o on a Stumpjumper FSR. He's a great rider that typically rides a HT. But I think his bar only lights limited how far he could see. Otherwise there'd be no way I could have kept up. But we did a good job of leaving some gap to the rest of the pack.

    Oye the slow speed climbs were KILLING me! Also what I wouldn't have given to be able to just sit in the saddle and spin.

    Of course toward the latter part of the ride, the strain had caught up to me. I was pretty much out of gas and in life-support mode near the end of the ride. But it was a blast!

    As I nearly injured myself patting my own back, I just couldn't fathom what the fixie guy on cyclocross tire was going through. Man, that is some hardcore stuff... Bah, he's young.

    In any case, the Moncog Flight did awesome. I had some moments when I couldn't see a root or rut and that was painful. And then I misstimed a big root and log section and came down when I should have been lifting. A front fork would have saved my butt, as I was running out of arm suspension travel.

    It was a tough workout. I might bring my Rush on subsequent "shop" rides. But I have to say, that was a good showing (surprised myself and others) for what a rigid steel, 29-er ss can do.

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    Well done - how is the "fit issue" feeling to you now. Are you adjusting to the new frame and the big hoops more and more with each ride?

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    The saddle with longer rails did wonders. It was out of my way so I could move around. I was still a bit worried I might bend the rails if I actually sat on it while pedaling. So I partially hovered most of the time. Maybe I'll just forget about it and if the rails bend, they bend.

    Otherwise, I was practicing doing wheelies in the parking lot and getting used to the different feel of the bike.

    What was really impressive was the level of traction in the corners. Also pounding up a hill out of the saddle!!

    When I was chasing the 26" FSR, I would catch him in the corners. Eventually I got so close that it made it quite difficult as he slowed a touch more than me entering a corner and then he would explode out of them. Meanwhile I just wanted to carry the momentum through the whole thing.

    I like the higher bb as I typically get way more pedal strikes on my Rush. I like to pedal through obstacles and corners (stay on the gas) to gain a couple feet on the other riders that coast through them.

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