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    29er Wheel flex, rim brakes vs disk brakes

    Hello all,

    I will be building my first 29er this fall. I have read every post here (several times) attempting to get it right the first time.

    Many posts here mention wheel flex as a problem with just about every rim/spoke/hub combination. I had been leaning towards rim brakes for weight, cost, and for simplicity. However, I hate hearing the brakes rub on the rims during the turns and hard acceleration. I get this sometimes with my 26" wheels. Is this problem even more pronounced on 700c wheels?

    If wheel flex and brake rub are more noticable on the larger wheels it may push me towards disc brakes. I use Avid mechs on my 26" MTB, so I already appreciate some of the advantages of discs. I Just prefer rim brakes on this bike.

    Also, can you comment on whether rim brakes grab more or lock up easier on a 29er? I read a post here of an individual having some real problems with rim brakes and Delgados.

    Thank You

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    Glad you're joining the club, you won't regret it. All my bikes are 700c now, all v-brake, all compatible with each other, and like you said, "simple, cheap, light."
    The question of brake rub probably depends on your size as much as the wheel you choose (fork also makes a difference.) It is true that a 700c wheel should theoretically flex a bit more than a 26" wheel, but I personally think the difference is minute. At my size, 145lbs, I've never had a problem unless I ran my pads super close to the rim (which used to be a problem with my 26" wheels as well.) I have used at least a dozen different wheelsets, with some being marginally stiffer than others (I build my own wheels, so they're all tensioned and built kinda the same.) As for V-brakes, I have happily enjoyed my v-brakes through racing, epic rides, commuting, everything except serious downhill riding, with nothing to complain of. I prefer avid ultimates with good stiff levers like XTR. I know people rave about discs, but if "it ain't broke, why fix it???" is my philosophy. I will now step aside for oncoming flames...

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