29er as a Commuter

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  • 06-25-2006
    29er as a Commuter
    Hi all Greeting from down Under.

    Recently poster pic of my Inbred 29, currently running as SS for Dirt, but as I'm having really big issue with my commuting bikes I'm considering building it into a geared commuter/cross as either a flat bar or with a set of On-One midge bars I have.

    Would love some feedback/info form others who have already done this, I'm looking to use a 700x30-35 tyre 2x9. Pic are worth a thousand words as they say so any would really be appreciated.

    The main reason for this consideration if that this was 1 of the very first Inbred 29er an 18 before the 19.5 became avalible, the standover is fine, but the frame feels short and could use a little extra length. I'm considering a alternatives if anyone has some suggestions I'd love to hear them.

    Ok coll all, enjoy rider and hear from you soon.

  • 06-25-2006
    I hope to start building a Monocog frameset up as Supercommuter soon.
    Like my Fisher SuperCal now, it will have 2.35" slicks because those just are superior for me, even on the smoothest of asphalt. They roll like nothing else, but still make me brake very rarely. I just take corners way faster than with skinnies, cut corners, hop curbs, etc.

    Nice about the Monocog for commuting is the shorter fork offset, which should give a pretty stable ride. Who needs a "lively", "agile" bike on a commute? I don't battle yellow cabs on 4-lanes on my commute, I just pedal along on long straight cycle paths.

    I plan to put Midge bars on the Monocog. My Cross-Check will have to sacrifice it's 287V brake levers, as this is a budget project. Cross-Check will get a poor man's Mary with long stem probably, till the cross season hits and it gets it's first real gears.
    Monocog gets a cheapo Falcon friction shifter, some type of derailer and frankencassette that discourages shifting within a SS-comfortable power band.
    Plan B would be a poor man's Mary for the Monocog as I already use on the Fisher. awesome for commuting, and it will get only better when I improve on my first bartape wrap job, which totally covers the control mounts.

    Just my preference, but I would advise to be cheap with teh cassette you put on the commuter. As you'll be pedaling in a narrow speed band, on an MTB cassette you'd be only using a couple cog, so a Tiagra 12-25 should help spread the wear. Good experiences with that cassette, even in MTB races.

    For pimp and pleasure, put a 36t steel Surly ring on as an outer. Should last a loooong time. Then, that may not be compatible with a front derailer because of chainstay clearance issues....
  • 06-25-2006
    Oh, on a shortish bike, a Midge should work well for you. How about a Niner fork to raise the front some, and slow handing over the Inbred fork? Or a Zion, you should be able to sell the Inbred fork with a profit then.
  • 06-25-2006
    There's a messenger in LA that uses a KM as his ride. Short chopped bars, fixed. He wanted a bike that he could thrash and do tricks on without breaking. It's worked well.
  • 06-27-2006
    hi all thanks for your responces
    gudday all thanks to those who have responded, but still would love to see so inspiring pics
  • 06-27-2006
    Ricky J
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    My geared Spicer Ti cruiser makes a wonderful commuter! Urban potholes are absorbed and she's fast on the open road. I have used dedicated roadbikes for commuting but returning to a flat tire after twelve long hours at work is a real pisser! The 29er's Nanoraptors make that much less of a concern without robbing too much performance- it's surprising how well it compares actually!

    Not shown below is the Moots Tailgator rack that's since been added. Useful and minimalist.
  • 06-27-2006
    meat tooth paste
    When Curtis finishes my Retrotec this fall, my current Inbred will be converted to a full time rigid commuter rig.

    The Inbred is my all purpose dirt/commuter bike right now and it's great for that. The paint has been durable and so far has survived being locked up to parking meter. It never rains here in Los Angeles, so rust not a concern with the steel frame. But the bike geek in me still sprayed the inside of the frame with Frame Saver anyways.

    I like commuting on my Nanos. Smooth enough to ride on the asphalt and knobby enough for me to take shortcuts via decommissioned railroad tracks.

    When I convert it to full rigid, I'll probably put on some green Michelin cross tires for some speed and funk.
  • 06-27-2006
    Some might remember a few months back when I was not so "over-joyed" with my 29r. So in an attempt to not loose my shirt on selling it, I sold off the Reba and will be turning the Inbred into a commuter myself. It'll be a 4 or 6 mile commute each way, depending on the course taken. Course A routes me through some streets, but also our local mtb trails, while course B is really B & C as they are two different but equal length road rides.

    My plan is to use some M950 cranks, with a road cassette, keep it rigid and use some Midge bars or my Feegles. I'll most likely use disc brakes, you just can't beat them in wet weather. I am not sure about using a rack on the Inbred since there are no eyelets to mount one. A local friend is a frame builder, so I may have him tack some on the frame.

    I figured that I'll use some cross tires like Panaracers or something. Although I am not sure how narrow I can go on Retard rims.
  • 06-27-2006
    meat tooth paste

    Originally Posted by F5000sl
    ...I am not sure about using a rack on the Inbred since there are no eyelets to mount one. A local friend is a frame builder, so I may have him tack some on the frame.

    Three possible options since our Inbreds don't have eyelets for racks.

    1. Seatpost mounted rack. These are rated to hold around 25 pounds.

    2. Buy eyelet mount clamps, such as those on sold by the Rivendell gang.

    3. Or go for the gold and get 29er/disc frame rack from Old Mountain Man

    As for tires, just found some 32c slicks by Panaracer, their Urban tire. So these will be my commuter tires.