• 08-31-2015
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    26 to 29 to 26b to 29/27.5?...feedback from different wheelsize users please
    after 20 years on rigid/front susp. 26...rockin!
    4 years on fs 26...ehhh
    6 years on front susp 29 and i'm lovin it..cept in the berms

    so after building up a craigslist 26 into a 26b? (front is 27.5 with 27.5 fork) I find berms and jumps are something I enjoy again rather than just steamrolling over them.

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    is fast and sure

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    is fun and manuverable

    so is a 69er or whatever a 27.5 on rear of 29er is.. the best of both worlds?

    pockets aren't deep, but a 27.5 rear for the lynskey would be a can do if people in the know say it's a go!????