• 06-20-2020
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    2020 Scott Genius 930 Experience
    After only four rides on my new Genius 930, I've set PR's (including climbs) and cleaned trails I haven't before. I'm loving this bike. I've owned a Specialized Fuse, Trek Fuel EX8, 2019 Stumpjumper LT, and 2019 Pivot Trail 429 prior to this. This bike feels like I've taken the most of what I liked from the Stumpy and the Pivot and combined them. Higher rise bars show up Monday and I wish I could mount a bashguard, but otherwise I'm thrilled with this bike. Also no one here rides Scott so I always have the interesting bike 😁

    When I boight this bike I thought it would either be exactly what I was looking for or a complete regret. It's exactly what I was looking for. I love the twinlock, although I did remove it from the fork. My trails here are very up and down, and I'm constantly switching the shock position. Wide open, it still pedals well and I prefer that for super technical pedaling as the rear wheel is very supple off the top and provides loads of grip while keeping the wheel planted. The first lockout position is great for everything less than super rooted or rocky pedals up hill.

    I don't see much posted here on the Genius so I thought I'd share my excitement.
  • 06-21-2020
    What do you like better vs the T429?
  • 06-22-2020

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    What do you like better vs the T429?

    I bottmed the 429 out more than a couple times on local trails Also the rear wasn't as plush to really soak up rocks and roots while pedaling through them. It just left me feeling like I wanted more bike. It was also pretty heavy for it's spec.

    The Genius gives me the efficiency of the Pivot when the Twinloc is engaged in the middle position, but the plushness and bottomless feel when wide open. And with 30mm more rear travel, 20mm more front travel, and wider tires I only gained half a pound in weight.