OK, so I'm currently running a 2019 Honzo (aluminum), I really dig this bike, I've made a few mods to it, the biggest being I installed a Rockshox Pike 130mm 51mm offset....it's a huge improvement over the Recon...as if there were any doubt. But now I'm also kind of lusting for the Honzo ST frame too.....

My question is, if I buy the ST frame and slowly build it up over this winter, can I use my Rockshox Pike 51mm offset from my Aluminum frame on the steel frame that indicates it was designed for a 46mm offset?

The head tube lengths are comparable, so I know I'm not going to come up short on steer tube length.

Has anyone ran the Steel Honzo with a 51mm offset fork? Thoughts??

Riding just your basic Midwest singletrack will I even notice that 5mm difference???

Before anyone points out that there are multiple threads regarding fork offsets...yes, I know, and I read them, I'm hoping for real world experience on this specific frame (which I didn't see any threads on).

Thanks for any info!!