• 06-26-2018
    2018 Ibis Ripley GX vs. 2017 Ripley GX
    How does the 2018 Ibis Ripley GX compare to the 2017 Ripley GX?

  • 06-26-2018
    The only difference is in the brakes (Deore vs SRAM Level) and the drivetrain... IIRC, everything else is the same. The NX components aren't the new 1x12, so you'll get a 1x11 drivetrain with the lower-level NX kit. Whether or not it's worth $700 more is up to you.
  • 06-28-2018
    The 2017 and 2018 frames are different.
    The 2018s have more tire clearance and are stiffer, but also weigh a little more too.

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