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    2016 Yeti 4.5c - Can I switch silver bolts for black ones?

    2016 Yeti 4.5c - Can I switch silver bolts for black ones?-fwikbdn.jpg
    Does anyone know if I can switch the silver bolts holding the shock to black?

    If so, where can I purchase them? It is a 2016 Yeti 4.5c.


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    Gonna be hard to find in all likelihood. I've had a few past bikes where I was trying to find pivot bolts in a stronger grade because the oem ones bent slightly. Start with the length, they are usually unique for bike pivots. Then you have to make sure the shoulder length and diameter is correct for the bushings/bearings. If not it will rattle and destroy the bushing/bearing. Then you have to make sure the threaded portion is the right length and pitch. Then the head diameter has to be spot on to fit in the recesses.

    Measure everything I mentioned with a digital caliper. Then start searching on industrial supplier websites. Ifyou find a match, you'll probably have to buy a box of 50 or 100.

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