Just ordered a leftover 2016 Felt Nine 1 on Ebay through a dealer in Wisconsin (I am in NY) and while I got an absolute steal on it I am a little nervous about the sizing...

NINE 1 - Felt Bicycles

I am 5'5" and have a 29" inseam w/ shoes. My road bike is a Kestrel RT1000 and has a stand over of 28.7" and TT of 19.8".

The stand over of the felt is 26.73" so I will have a good 2.27" of room and the TT is 22" which is longer than I am used to but frankly my road bike is maybe a tad too compact.

The company didn't have a small otherwise I probably would have done that. On Felt's size chart a 5'5" person is a 16" small and a 5'4" is 14" x-small or a 16" small.

Bike still hasn't shipped out... keep or cancel?