I was under the assumption that the Felt Niner Trail was $599 MSRP and is there entry level 29er. From how I interpretted this article, it seems like the Trail is the cheapest.

Expanding on their 29er line, Felt will be offering five 29er models, most notably a $599 price point model, the Nine Trail. Spec’ed with Tektro disc brakes and Shimano Acera/Alivio, this model brings 29ers into uncharted, affordable waters.


Now I am reading on this forum that the Sport model may be the entry model??Meridian Cycles list the Sport model at the bottom. The Sport Model has a more basic paint job so maybe it is a lower model using that logic.

Anyone know which is the cheaper model, what the prices are, and what specs are different?

I really like the Trail paint job so I am hoping that that one is actually $599 and not more money.