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    2 bikes one load of xt parts which one gets what

    ok guys and gals i need some quick help
    i am stripping my 2011 camber comp 26" of all its xt parts everything is in like new condition and working great
    i have two bikes that i want to put the parts on
    1. 2013 surly ogre
    2. 2013 stumpjumper comp fsr
    i was going to put my 2x10 xt drivetrain (38x26) on my ogre and my xt brakes on the stumjumper since it already is a 2x10
    then i will take the factory drivetrain from the ogre and the factory brakes from the stumpjumper and reinstall them on the camber and put it up for sale
    does any of this make sense or am i crazy? should i do it another way ahhhhh im going crazy haha. i just dont want to sell the camber with a full xt kit so i figured might as well get to switching parts
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    Depends on which you prefer more, Shimano or SRAM. Me personally I'd put ALL the XT parts on the bike I Liked and would use the most, which for me would be the FSR.
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    send the XT parts to me...problem solved

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    Definitely put the XT brakes on the Stumpjumper. I had a lot of problems with the Avid brakes on mine, and eventually swapped them out for XT brakes and IceTech rotors. Best upgrade so far.
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    yeah im definitly putting the xt brakes on the stumpy.the 2x10 xt drivetrain will go on my ogre because with the tires i have on the ogre now the front Derailleur hits in the small ring and i never use it anyway maybe that will free up some room. im thinking once the drivetrain starts to wear out on the stumpy i might make it 1x10 its something i have been wanting to try but that will be down the road.
    surly karate monkey
    surly ogre

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